Big Cat Conservation Center ( day trip )

Posted on 29th November 2009 by Anivore in Animoceans Posts

Feline Conservation Center ( day trip )

We decided to go to this facility because it offers a far more interactive experience and they do a lot of rescues,  so we felt good about giving them our money. We did a “Twilight Tour” where only the good looking people in the film have to get in a cage with steak strapped to them for 8 seconds while everybody chants “Thunderdome!” haha.

In reality, this is only offered a couple times a yr and they open up a lot more of the facility.      It happens when all the animals are really active, and it’s a worth while experience.             You can get really close. Really cool, and cheap. We loved it.



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Arrival and the Squirrel Army

Posted on 22nd November 2009 by Anivore in Animoceans Posts

Arrival and the Squirrel Army

Just getting a chance to catch up on past posts. We’ll be posting some back dated stuff, then new later. This was our arrival in the new digs ( Winter and very warm ) and we quickly noticed how easy it would be to assemble our new squirrel army. :)


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Posted on 3rd May 2009 by Anivore in Animoceans Posts

Some new Animonster adjustments. New Animations, Links, and galleries to be posted soon. Some test animations posted today. The new favorite image. Unknown Artist. What Edward Hopper has nightmares about.

” What up now Nightchickens ?!! ” :)

Edward Hoppers Nightmares.jpg


Please feel free to put your tray tables in the broken off and raise the roof position and have a nice tall cool glass of turn it up to 11.  :)


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