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Project 06:aAAAHH!!“  Fichtenfoo Forums Creature Feature Contest Entry.

Forge World Tyranid Trygon multi-part resin model.  (140mm/5.5 inches +) in length.

Creature Feature Contest entry. With a base.

An original Tyranid attempt. Concept for the build is a ground tunneling Trygon has snaked through the ground and burst to the surface, surprising our future soldier in a cliffhanger moment.


Part 1: Concept Color Sheet.

Many Tyranids painted out there, so it is pretty challenging come up with an original look.  I’m not a role play gamer, so I the details about these characters and backgrounds are to really just get an original piece and not adhere to the 40K or AT43 universe.




The project begins.

Base coat. Using a lot of  variation over many layers to get a real organic look. Shell is the base dark. The base is roughed in.

Base color marking

Painted on the base markings and continuing to integrate the layers next. After painting the creature and not yet adding pigments,I add it to the base and proceed to create more detailed debris that caves in or out around the parts that are tunneled through. I tried to make it appear as if the creature has started in at the tail,and completed a loop to cut off the troops path and surprise!!!

Done. Final pics with the base.

Made a quick and downplayed wooden base. Added the dio to the base. Added pigments,”dust” detail,and filters to sort of unify the whole thing as I had to add the debris and model after everything was painted. Not too worried about the character as the creature is the focus,so an AT-43 miniature was used, re-painted and detailed. Just really love that he is kind of going “AAAHHH!!”" so there was the title of the piece.  Organic build down,on to the next!



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