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Project#08  Custom Fine Molds  1/144  scale Millennium Falcon. - Corellian Bloodstripe

Fine Molds  1/144  scale Millennium Falcon

The Falcon is such an iconic ship. A build had to done sooner or later. Fine molds release of the 1/144 convinced me to do a custom version.

This will be a custom modded Falcon and not accurate for originality sake. It will be kept in the SW universe as far as customization, and be lit up. Attempting to modify this kit in a way that, (to my knowledge)has never been done.



Build Part 01:

Initial stages of the build photos got lost in a computer failure. Not missing much though, just a bit of the pre project stuff. I will explain what’s missing and add some new pics of the previous/current state of the wip that were lost.

The kit is really great. Very detailed,and fits together smoothly with very little cleanup. The plastic cuts easily. After further inspection, the detail is cool, but still missing a few raised detail items. The start of this build, is using pla-plate and other plastic to add detail, removing the ridges and adding raised piping in it’s place.

Build Part 02:

Finishing up the interior cockpit with detail and paint,so it can be sealed up when the paint process begins on the body of the ship. Adding crew, and the first lighting steps using fiber optics, beginning with, cutting the rear exhaust out and test fitting the  1/144 photo etch pieces that will be added later.

All sealed up and the side detail is finally complete. These images show the light check and cleanup, and the detailing modification process increasing through the turnaround. The last few pictures are the bottom detail work before paint.

Final pass of detail on the top.


Paint. Part 1

Starting to paint. Sprayed a simple light grey to get a uniform base coat.


Paint. Part 2

Base color scheme and discoloration. Approximately 75% of final painting completed.

The Base. Early progress and final result. Ready to set up electronics.

The Corellian Bloodstripe  – Fine Molds 1/144 Millennium Falcon.




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