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Various shots for practice,career,or otherwise on this page. Not necessarily all final animations here.This area is more of an animation/vfx sketchbook. Scroll down,enjoy,and check back for new stuff as it appears.


Mecha CombatV01 Animation Tests:

Some bipedal robots as proof of concept/previs designed for a smaller project. These are roughly 9′ tall. Creating and/or working with mechs,vehicles,and robots is something I always enjoy. I use rough animation stress tests to try to break rigs,which helps me uncover any problems early on,achieving a better final product in the end.

Constructed a low res model,rig,and scene,with basic lighting and rendering.(Model robots are representations of skeletons.) Added about 90% of the detail,then used very little free online gak for icing to save time. Not worried about any crashing geo at this time,everything will probably be completely changed later.The tests help clearly highlight what to fix so it’s a successful wip.

Animation All including Cam: Scotty    Rig/Model/Scene/Sounds/Choreography: Scotty 


Mechadactyl Escape

A new animation “sketch”. Felt like creating something flying for some quickly output animation practice. Animated previs (style and speed ),with a Dino Robot model and rig provided by a peer. Re-rigged the tail for my specific needs,and added a scene,lights and sound.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Animation/Cams/Rig (Tail)/Scene:  Scott        Model/Rig: Kiel Figgins

T-Wrecks yells at sunset

This was a “need to animate some dino action” kind of fix. Completed for quick turn over character and camera animation practice. Added a scene for some depth, frame of reference, and sound, to make it a more of a “shot”.  Had some minor model and rig issues, (may have occurred in transfer from cd ? ), and the color is a little off from the web conversion,  but it works for practice.

Animation and proxy scene. Scott.     Model and rig: 3D world magazine.

Small VFX shot done for Babylon 5.  A small time crunch required more artists, I switched department hats, and created the zero G chain before the shot went to Comp.

(all B5 images property of Warner Entertainment and Atmosphere VFX not used for resale)


(All images/content is within,or free of,any contract agreements that would jeopardize the artist or any projects .)

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