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PROJECT#02 “Chaos Theory (Nature finds a way)”

Games Workshop No scale LOTR Whitch King on Fell Beast Kit.                                              Minor additional sculpting and detailing.  Heavy gap fills.  [02.2009]

” Ol’ JP helpin’ out with the title for this one. Concept: Imagine if the LOTR crazy action super fantasy mad dragons were all over the world. Then imagine they have a bad day and are like “I’m done haulin’ you around to get me killed crazy Witch King! Dragon out!” SO this Fell Beast creature has kicked it’s rider off and proceeded to hunt when it needs to. Felt like doing an organic kit here.

This project was about getting used to some more shading and organic painting with airbrush and by hand,mods (wing tears for example), and wanted a feel like this beast was from elsewhere so adapted in flight camo like fighter planes. (Earth tones on Top and Sky below.)       This was a great example of how switching mediums helped understand more about textures when I sat back down in 3D.

I didn’t get pics of this wip. Sorry. But it involved huge gaps, a lot of putty, rebuilding shoulders, face, and tail, to hide seam lines. Very organic sculpt process to make it believable.  The pics are the paint wip and final.


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