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Project#05 “TAZ” MSN-006 Tactical.Assault.Zeta

G-System Resin 1/100 scale MSZ-006 Zeta Gundam Archery Bow Fix Pose Ver.

Substantial Mods. [Model In Progress]

85 Resin Pieces.                                                                                                                          Height:28.0cm    Width@Shoulder:9.7cm                                                                                    Depth: 23.5cm    Weight: 0.72kgs.

1st G-System kit. Concept for the build and paint is a Tactitcal Assault type Mech,caught in a bad spot being riddled with enemy gunfire and attempting to end the battle all at once, with a final deathblow from his long range bow. Easy right? I thought so, ..opps.)

In terms of mapping out damage,decided to have the mech appear to sustain damage starting at his left calf region, as if hit by a large explosive followed by strafing gunfire up to his right shoulder area. A bit of work, it’s a testing ground, you fall and learn.

Enjoy the WIP. More later.

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PART 1: Concept Color Scheme. Going for a tactical,industrial,original gundam color.



PART 2: Build and Modifications.

This kit lacked more detail than originally anticipated and it’s delicate in some spots. Panel lines needed re-scribing, and it had some bad areas compared to some newer G-System casts.(which in their defense, seem to be much better now, this is just an older product). That said, after a test fit, it has great presence.

Heavy pinning and stabilization was required as this kit is awkward to work with, and pretty big for a 1/100. Bigger than the MG 1/100 built previous. Knee joints are split vertically to allow other internal knee parts to be sandwiched in, and kinda tricky to plan out how to deal with. Once the knees and leg are put together you can’t get to visible parts that would need to be painted. The plan is, assemble some pieces before painting and some after.

Also Replaced a lot of parts like resin hydraulics with real metal. Added detail with plates,wire,piping,receded visible internal damage, and battle damage to individual areas.


Part 2: Build prep and modifications.

Detailing and modding arms,bow,wing parts.Tried to find a cool way to mod the stock round tail fin. Pinned the bow and capped the ends. Replaced all of the hydraulic type pieces on the bow. Still working on the outer shroud. Cut filled negative space out of hand/finger detail on the bow. Next Up,Paint!


Part 3: Paint.

Luckily I planned for painting during building, so I’ve assembled and painted the legs,waist armor,and torso up to(not including)the pigment stage and possibly some other touch ups that will still happen. Painted heavy chipping from battle,added decals,clear coat,etc.                       Started at the knee joints and painted out as planned.

Generally working on the depth portion of the model here. Wings, etc. The light isn’t so hot,but it’s for the wip. Still some cleanup,colors and highlights to be added.All pre-washes and pigments as well right now.Enjoy.  – Added the finished wing pics here just to keep the wing painting together.

Assembled up to the torso. Pretty much done other than pigments and maybe a few touch ups or details. Definitely going to add some scorching on exhaust/vent areas and burn marks on blast hits etc. Now that there is a foundation,time to complete the rest of the build and paint.


The complete Zeta. This is the WIP finished and waiting for the base. Had to do the base as an after thought since the first try was a great looking stylish base that didn’t hold up, and almost snapped under the weight! This kits weight distribution is really tricky and called for a lot of mods. As is, it has been pinned so much it should hold up for the long run.








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